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18 12 2018
Reddensoft Institute

Responsive Web Design Guidelines for Students in Kolkata

A website is very important for a business to grow and develop. Most web designers go for responsive website design when developing a website. A responsive website means it will look good when viewed from any device which can range from a laptop, desktop to mobiles and tablets.

A career in web designing can be quite prosperous for you which can be both creatively and financially fruitful for you. If you are looking forward to going for web designing course in Kolkata with placement, look no further than Reddensoft Institute which consists of some of the most experienced trainers. There is no specific eligibility to sign up for this program, just a bit of passion and zeal is required to join this program. Our trainers will help you in establishing a strong foothold in the industry.

Our Course Module 1

  1. Briefing on Internet Basics
  2. Basic Layout Concept
  3. Requirement of Design
  4. Application of creativity
  5. Business aspect of layout
  6. Implementation of branding into Design
  7. Creative Header Design
  8. Graphics manipulation/photo retouching
  9. Learning Typography
  10. Color theory

Course Module 2– Distribution of Projects

Course Module 3

Adobe Photoshop

  1. Introduction to Photoshop
  2. Editing of Digital Still Image
  3. Introduction to Digital Still Image Format
  4. Image Cropping, using the Pen tool
  5. Filters, Layers (modes) and Action
  6. Single simple color–Metro UI design style
  7. Designing for Mobile Devices/Tablets
  8. CMS based design [Wordpress, Magento, Drupal]
  9. Image optimization for use in web pages
  10. logo design and amendment using Photoshop

Before going ahead with discussing about responsive web design guidelines, let us first tell you a bit about ‘responsive web design’- the responsive web design, firstly put forward by Ethan Marcotte, is not just about the adaptiveness of screen resolution or the auto-scaling of pictures. Instead, it’s more like a new way of thinking where designers need to consider many factors, such as the device performance, Dom node number and the screen size, etc.

Responsive Product Design– The responsive design is out of the product design that requires the engagement of product managers, interaction designers as well as engineers. It’s of necessity for us to break the traditional way of thinking in the design, shifting from the web to mobile applications. The first step is to build a clear information architecture, then get the design started on the smallest display of mobile devices with the abandon of interference so as to ensure the best experience of the core function.

Difference between Interaction Design and RWD

A comprehensive consideration about the way of interaction, which is one of the responsive web design key features. An interaction designer can be termed excellent when the designer will not only consider the habits of desktop users, but also must take the portable devices of different sizes into account. An example that can be cited in this regard- we are used to using the floating layer on PC but it cannot be used of some devices of small sizes.

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